Super Sick Scenes From Great and Maybe Not So Great Movies.

Lucy is a Luc Besson film - same guy who directed 5th Element.  Luc is an absolute genius but he doesn't take the time out to create a fictitious...

Marvel gives Logan the coveted R rating, yet still manages to fail. And...

I was pretty excited to see the final part in the X-men: Wolverine series in what has probably been one of the best casting jobs of all time.  Hugh...

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dwayne wade blocks lebron james

LeBron Would Vote For Himself For ‘MVP’

Yea ok, LolBron.  Then you wonder why people don't like you which leads to your constant politicking for yourself. Things that would make me like...
house music and edm blog

house.MUSIC & EDM music.BLOG

This new duo originated as strictly a passion project until their track got picked up by Danny Howard's 'Nothing Else Matters' podcast in the...
house music and edm blog

deep.HOUSE | tech.HOUSE | under.GROUND music.BLOG

Lane 8 is one of those producers that I'd mash together with Rufus, Yotto and the rest of the Anjunadeep family.  I'm not discovering...