Jacob Plant feat Soren Bryce - Eastside

3/4/2018 – Saturday 10:30AM EST

Wow listening to the Danny Howard – Nothing Else Matters podcast and this came on.

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M83 - My Tears Are Becoming a Sea

11/14/2017 – 6:55pm EST

What more can I say besides the fact that this song is everything?¬† Enjoy ūüôā

SOHN - Lessons

10/23/2017 – 8:06pm EST

There are two Steve Jobs movies.  One with Ashton Kutcher playing the Apple mogul, the other staring Michael Fassbender.  The 2015 version directed by Danny Boyle and written by Aaron Sorkin (starring Fassbender) is a true masterpiece.  You must watch this film.

Check out the entire score:  Steve Jobs (2015) РOST

Comet - Final Dialogue

10/16/2017 – 11:58pm EST

Just finished watching the movie ‘Comet’ directed and written by Mr. Robot’s Sam Esmail.¬† “Comet’ stars Sam Esmail’s wife Emmy Rossum and Justin Long.¬† What a film…

See also Love More – Daniel Hart

Interstellar - Hans Zimmer

10/10/2017 – 3:00pm EST

Bought Interstellar during my sick time in NY.  Christopher Nolan is one of those directors who is just head and shoulders above the pack.  Here is an extended version of some of the score by Hans Zimmer I believe.

Final Fantasy 3 - Cyan Theme

7/24/2017 – 8:41am EST

15 minutes of Cyan’s Theme from Final Fantasy 3 (FF6 in Japan). ¬†I must protect my Liege. Feel it. ¬†Love it. ¬†Mamba Out.

Duke Dumont - Ocean Drive (Original Extended Mix)

6/25/2017 – 4:41pm EST

Quite possibly the best record / track of all time (if there is such a thing).  And there is nothing better than the original extended mix.  Duke Dumont.

Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool (A-Trak Remix)

6/17/2017 – 11:10am EST

Just another day in the life.  Loving the synths and reverb on this A-Track Remix.

Dirty South - With You (Jai Wolfe Remix)

6/10/2017 – 11:20pm EST

Somehow stumbled upon this gem a few weeks ago, but apparently it was released in 2015.  One of those tracks that just sounds so huge it can fill up the whole entire sky.  All the feels on this one ;).

Imagine Dragons - Battle Cry

4/30/2017 – 3:30pm

Game 7.  The two best words in sports.  Clippers Vs. Jazz on ABC.  Get with it.  Imagine Dragons, Battle  Cry.

Ellie Goulding - Hanging On (Divergent Remix)

4/30/2017 – 11:00am

Working on my client’s website and Divergent comes on TBS. ¬†From “Dauntless never quit” to “Take it off stiff… put it back on” the original Divergent keeps the laughs coming for all the wrong reasons. ¬†But anytime it’s on I can’t stop watching it. ¬†Ellie Goulding’s Hanging On makes an appearance on the soundtrack with a Divergent style facelift and can’t be more fitting for the movie or the scene. ¬†Enjoy some “commercial” EDM at its finest.

The Chemical Brothers - Sometimes I Feel So Deserted

4/29/2017 – 11:12pm

If I were to headline a festival today, this would be the track I open with.  What the fuck is going on out there right now?  This record is heavy and has all of the needed elements to start off a true rager.  #ChangeMusic

Yazoo - Only You

4/15/2017 – 2:01pm

Sitting here designing a website for a client, just got cable for the NBA Playoffs and Can’t Hardley Wait is on. ¬†And its the ending. ¬†So ya, there’s that. And oh yea, is it just me? Or is this sound following me. Just heard No Doubt – Cool at CVS. That 80’s synth sound tho.

No Doubt - Cool

4/14/2017 – 6:25pm

I’m walkin around in CVS picking up some Fiji water and some ant traps and bam! ¬†No Doubt and Gwen Stefani are playing on god knows what Pandora station with none other than “Cool”. ¬†These 80’s synths got me feelin so easy and so nostalgic it really set the tone for the rest of my evening. ¬†Henceforth, SOTM on hipeGALAXY.

DJ Rap - Good To Be Alive

4/12/2017 – 7:17pm

I just finished physical therapy after a long days work and I’m heading east on the 195. ¬†Daylight savings is in full effect, the sun is shining things feel like they are coming together. ¬† Is there a better way to kick off hipeGALAXY’s SOTM section? ¬† It’s good to be alive.




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