Miami Pain Clinics

Tristar Wellness is a Medical Clinic in Miami Beach, FL. When I went to visit them, I noticed something very different between them and the other practices I came across. What I noticed was that these guys actually care about patient health. If you are a regular at hipeGALAXY, you’ve probably already read our article about America’s opiod epidemic. If not, get to that now!

ketamine treatment center in miamiA HOLISTIC APPROACH TO PATIENT HEALTH

So how is Tristar so different? The difference is quite apparent. Tristar Wellness has gone out of it’s way in order to merge both modern medicine, and the advantages of methods of the eastern world. Furthermore, Tristar stays on the cutting edge of medical treatments providing the newly FDA approved drug Ketamine for patients suffering from depression and chronic pain. As a Ketamine Treatment Center in Miami, Tristar Wellness makes sure they take a holistic approach to to patient problems. They do this by having an onsite Acupuncturist at their Miami Beach office. In addition, Tristar makes sure patients do not stay strictly on Opiates by having onsite interventional pain specialists and medical marijuana doctors.


This all being said, if you are in chronic pain, it is no healthy place to be. Believe me, I know. What I would recommend is to go on a complete detox diet program in conjunction with hot sauna and hydrotherapy. You would be amazing at what water, salt water and other strategic methods of hydrotherapy can do to a body’s lymphatic system and overall wellness.



In addition to all that they are doing holistically, Tristar also has IV Vitamin Therapy programs and an interesting approach to Executive Health. For sure visit their website and their about us section to get to know more about this company. They recently remodeled their offices and are located on 400 W 41st Street in Miami Beach, FL. If you are looking for a holistic health center in Miami Beach, definitely give them a try.




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