Corn. It’s What’s For Dinner =)

Corn has little to any nutrition nowadays anyway. Crops are meant to be eaten during a certain time of year and those seasonal crops compliment each other by prepping...
Dana Loesch NRA townhall

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch had a chance to make a difference to humanity and...

We are in a very fragile time for society.  Technology is thriving and we are more informed as ever yet just as dangerous. We have grown as a species...
stoneman douglas shooter nikolas de jesus cruz

Why the recent school shootings go beyond “Mental Health Issues”.

I grew up in neighborhoods similar to the one's i've seen in Parkland and Coral Springs except it was on Long Island. When Colombine first went down which was...
miami bike scene

Critical Mass locks down Miami Beach and nobody knows exactly why and for what.

Ok.  Someone.  Please tell me.  What the fuck is the point of this?  Are you really lacking that much individuality that you can't decide to go on a freakin'...
save our bees

March Against Monsanto March – Miami, FL – Why being active matters

My experience at the March Against Monsanto on May 20th was an interesting one.  After a ton of reading, documentaries and research I had gained much frustration about what...
abused monkey in lab

Ask L’Oreal to stop testing on innocent animals immediately!

Sign the petition now.  No sentient being should ever be treated this way on any planet, in any galaxy!!! Special thanks to Animal Rights Warriors on Facebook. Sign the Petition:
ibn ali miller good samaritan

Ibn Ali Miller: Good Samaritan, Street Referee, Difference Maker.

It all started out with this. He was then rewarded in court :). Then this went down... Ibn received more recognition on the Steve Harvey Show. Listen to his entire speech in...
ride with larry banner

Medical Marijuana’s effect on Parkinson’s Disease

I stumbled upon this on article a while back on Facebook.  Ride With Larry is a documentary on Larry Smith's 20 year old battle with Parkinson's disease.  The footage...
jamarion styles boca raton

Youngster Jamarion Styles inspires as his buzzer beater defies all odds. (video)

It's one thing to hit a game-winning shot when you're 13 years old.  It's another to do it when you are armless, limbless.  Yes you read that right, 13...

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Best Laser Hair Removal Miami Reviews

LASER HAIR REMOVAL AN INTRODUCTION TO PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL Ok, so you are ready to get those unwanted hairs that have been plaguing you your entire...
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Holistic Health In Miami Beach

Miami Pain Clinics Tristar Wellness is a Medical Clinic in Miami Beach, FL. When I went to visit them, I noticed something very different between...